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Celebrate the simple joys of life with Bundt Cakes

The chocolate Bundt is a simple cake made of classic flavors that epitomizes the idea ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. A slice of Bundt cake and a warm beverage is like a hug on a cold winter’s day. These simple cakes are packed full of flavor and utterly delicious.

At Dulcet you can choose to gift your loved ones a large cake such as our chocolate Bundt cake or cinnamon swirl Bundt cake. These cakes weigh 3lbs and are perfect gifts for the family.

You could also choose our gift boxes with mini Bundt cakes. These come in delightful flavors such as lemon or red velvet Bundt cakes. These gift baskets are tailor-made for different occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, thank you gifts and even sympathy gift baskets. They are also perfect for a little bit of self-indulgence every now and then.

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Red Velvet Exclusive Gourmet Sampler Gift Box

Looking for a perfect gift that is a best seller and simply magnificent? This red velvet exclusive gourmet gift is appropriate for parties, celebrations... It is sure to make a statement.

This classic and elegant gift basket filled to overflowing with a grand selection of gourmet chocolate and ganache goodies, will make a statement as a prom, grad, or holiday gift.

Gift Baskets
Gifts make simple days special, and special days spectacular. Whether your friend, friend, sis or neighbor put on a performance, graduated, or arranged a party highlight those events with this decadent gift box which they can luxuriate in right away. It's simply gourmet and beautiful!
Send your warmest birthday wishes with a chocolate assortment of decadence and deliciousness. A gourmet gift basket including chocolate pastries in every shape and form to make your loved ones special day even more special!!
Gourmet Happy Birthday Red Velvet Collection Gift Basket
Celebrate your loved one’s day in style and decadence. A chocolate assortment that will warm their hearts and make their special day even more special! Our red velvet gift basket gourmet features an elegant array of pastries sure to bring your warm birthday wishes across in a meaningful way..
Mini Bundts Assortment Gift Box

Staying over by a friend's, gram's, or acquaintances is an enjoyable experience. Let them know what a great host they are with this spectacular mini bundt assortment. Your gesture of gratitude will be remembered long after you are gone.

Dulcet has arrayed the chapters, paragraphs, and alphabets to form an Elegant gourmet gift basket! Arrayed with Assorted Pastries just to your taste.
assorted bakery git box Double Chocolate Bundt Dessert Gift Box
What a yummy gift idea! Our delightful gift basket is overflowing with a tasty assortment of sweet bakery treats. Sometimes all it takes to lift your spirits is to treat your very own self with a gift. This bundt cake will have you smiling and happy for the love of cake is boundless.
Best Selller's Apple Bundt Gift Basket Dulcet's Lemon Zest Bundt Cake Gift Box
Sometimes all it takes to lift your spirits is to treat your very own self with a gift. This bundt cake will have you smiling and happy for the love of cake is boundless. Brighten Grammy's day with a Delicious bundt cake that she will thoroughly enjoy and savor. It's like a warm hug plus double the warmth.
Cinnamon Swirl Bundt Dessert Gift Basket
There is no better way to send your condolence wishes in the
form of a traditional bundt cake. It expresses your grief in a nice manner and
tells your loved one that you truly care.
Send your birthday wishes in a beautiful way. Festive and delicious pastries presented in our signature gift box. The perfect birthday surprise!!!